Vidmate for iOS

TWe all want to watch our favorite videos or movies, even if we are not online. With very few streaming services allowing you to download, though, what are you supposed to do? Enter, VidMate, a new app that allows you to download videos, movies, and music from multiple streaming services to your phone!

Get Vidmate on iPhone and iPad

VidMate allows you to download videos in either the same or better, quality. This gives you the best viewing experience available for your device. In addition, it will also monitor your downloads, along with compiling them into a handy list. The best part of the entire app is that it is free to download and use, as well as being a multi-person platform. The app comes outfitted with a search bar that will allow you to see videos that others have downloaded, as well as some results that have been pulled from YouTube. The app also features safe websites that you can browse through in order to find movies and music, and download through the VidMate app; this can save you immense amounts of time and energy- as you will never have to worry about apps that give your phone viruses, or wasting time to search for a low-quality video or music file.

VidMate allows you fast downloads and will also run an internet speed check on your devices, to ensure you will always have the fastest download speeds. You can share links to your favorite videos through Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms within seconds, as well. VidMate is constantly expanding to become a multi-media platform within the app, as well as always being updated to run on the latest OS platform.

Vidmate video downloader for iOS, iPhone 6S, iPad, iPhone 7

Vidmate alternative for iOS

VidMate is currently not available on the iOS platform, such as iPhones. Since this application is better known as a ownload director’, it keeps many platforms from supporting it. However, this does not mean that you are going to have to go without this awesome app if you are on the iOS platform, especially if you follow these steps:
1.Go through the browser on your phone: Search for Snaptubeapk for the appropriate link to the download on your browser.
2.Click ownload’ on the page and allow the next page to load. The app will download as a .exe-file. If you have never downloaded from an unknown source before, you may have to go through your settings to allow the download to go through. To do this, simply go through the ettings’ box that will pop up when the download is blocked. You will be directed to your phone’s settings, where the llow download from unknown link’ toggle should be turned on.
After this, you will be able to go back and finish your download. Once you have finished, you will be able to explore your app!