Vidmate for Windows PC

To download VidMate onto another medium than your iOS or Android, you will have to download an emulator onto your PC first. This makes sure that the format of the app is supported and able to run on your Windows OS. Once you have downloaded the emulator, you will be able to download music and movies off the site, directly onto your PC.


Vidmate on a Windows PC

When you want to download videos, music, and movies to watch on your PC, you may wonder if there is a Windows page for the VidMate app. While you can download media from your VidMate app onto your PC, you first need to add an emulator to your computer, in order to run the Android-supported application. This is just one extra step into the process, and will not take much longer to download than the original for Android platforms. However, keep in mind that the download takes up about 8GB of storage on your PC. Always make sure that you have enough space in your memory, as not having enough space will make your programs run slowly.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the VidMate Apk on your PC

Download for PC

2. Download BlueStacks on PC

BlueStacks is the Android emulator that allows you to run VidMate through The installation does take a couple of minutes and will likely show up as a .exe file on your PC. You should make sure that you have 2GB of room on your PC before you are installing. If you don’t have that amount of room on your computer, it won’t stop your download, however, it will make it run slower than optimal speed.

3. Establish your Emulator

Once you have downloaded BlueStacks, you will need to log-in using your Gmail account. This will allow you to finish installing the emulator and start it up.

4. Run the APK along with the emulator

Once you have started the emulator on your PC, you should run the app alongside it. In order to do this, you should right click around the apk file and click pen with’, before choosing an emulator from the available list of plans. This will cause the app to auto-install on the Android simulator and will give you a notification once it’s done.

Vidmate player